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Our Ghost walks are excursions into the haunted present and past. We pick areas with an interesting ghostly history. As you walk along our guides will tell you
the history of the area and its ghosts...

Rochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
Rochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
Mt. Hope

Rochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
Rochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
Rochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
Ghost Dinners
Rochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
Rochester Candle Light Ghost WalksRochester
Ghost Hunting Courses
Rochester Candle Light Ghost WalksRochester
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Rochester Candle Light Ghost WalksRochester
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Call (585) 507-7181
Rochester Candle Light Ghost WalksRochester

Rochester Candle Light Ghost WalksRochester
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Rochester Candle Light Ghost WalksRochester

Rochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
Reservations sRochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
(585) 5-HAUNTS
Rochester Candle Light Ghost Walks
(585) 507-7181

(585) 507-7181

We donate to the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm


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Ghost walks, Ghost Dinners and Ghost Hunts
in the Monroe County area.

At Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks we mix local history
and ghosts for a fun and entertaining evening.

Public and private groups with reservations.


2016 Season Ghost Walk Information


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Welcome to Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks, Rochester, NY's #1 ghost walking tours for 7 seasons! If you're looking for REAL ghosts this Halloween, you've come to the right place. Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks' tours take you through the REAL haunted Rochester, sharing Rochester's unique history and infamous true ghost stories for an unforgettable experience. Come experience the only ghost walk in Rochester that actually communicates with the ghosts and lets you in on the action!


We also do private Ghost Walks, Ghost Dinners, Ghost Hunts, Tarot Parties and Seances

Call (585) 507-7181

Ghosts of Genesee Country

My latest book, available in local bookstores and History and ghost stories from Genesee Country. Read about Indian Allen, Rattelsnake Pete and Frog Leg George as well as ghost stories from the Genesee Valley region centered on Rochester.


Ghosts of Old Rochesterville

The local history of the Rochester area is steeped in a rich and somewhat bloody history. It dates back to the mid 1600s when the French first set foot ashore in Irondequoit. There were wars for greed, conquest, territory, and independence fought over this area.

All the stories in this book are from either my own experiences, or were told to me by people on one of my investigations or ghost walks. They experienced the “ghost” first hand.

I am not going to tell you ghosts are real. That is for you to decide for yourself; as for me, my money is on the ghosts. One thing I have found, there are a lot of ghost stories out there. Most are not legend status like “The White Lady of Durand Eastman Park,” those are the ones everyone hears about. These are the small ones, ones that still deserve to be told and remembered. That is, if you like ghost stories…



Rochester Candle Light Ghostwalks
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By purchasing a ticket and participating in any event held by Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks, you agree to the following:

1. Not to hold RCGW and its tour guides, sponsors, and affiliates responsible for any personal injury, theft/loss, illness, or related harm
2. Not to drink or smoke during any event unless permitted
3. To abide by all posted signs
4. To keep young children calm and behaved
5. Not to video or audio record during any presentation
6. Not to bring live animals/pets or use scooters, skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades,
or other sport equipment during any presentation (working dogs and handicapped devices permitted)
7. Not to sit on or lean against any private property not owned by RCGW or its sponsors/affiliates
8. Not to move or remove any property not owned by RCGW or its sponsors/affiliates
9. Not to litter or feed wild animals
10. Not to play practical jokes or engage in horseplay
11. To remain with the group at all times where the tour guide can see you

-Please keep in mind that most of our ghost walks involve standing and walking for 30 minutes or more. Please bring a fold-up chair if necessary.
-Our walks are held rain or shine - wear clothing appropriate for the weather.
-There are NO REFUNDS for any reason.
-These events present their own risks and we cannot always control what may or may not happen.
-We allow children of all ages, but ask that an adult 18 years of age or older supervise children under 13 and maintain control at all times.



Rochester Candle Light Ghostwalks